1. Fusion Guitars

When I saw the iRig few years ago, I thought ‘Wow’! This is really cool, I can plug my guitar to my iPhone/iPad and play my favorite tunes perfectly and even record it. But now, it’s the other way around. Yes, you now can plug your phone in your guitar! The Fusion Guitar is a phone plug, amplifier, batteries and electric guitar. The smartest world guitars can be anywhere; your car, desert camping, or anywhere you want. No need to get amps, effects, cables and electricity to do the whole process, just get the Fusion Guitar and go anywhere you want! Also, it can be plugged like any other guitar as well.


Midi process isn’t a hassle any longer! Just get the ACPAD and plug it in your guitar and that’s it! You’ll have your beats with you. “ACPAD is the perfect bridge between acoustic and electronic.” as they described on their Facebook page, you know what; check this video below.

3. Meet JACK!

Jack is the Wi-Fi guitar cable. I won’t describe it better than then how the company described it, so “simply plug Jack into any guitar, amp or pedal and instantly go wireless. Stream professional grade real time audio between instruments, amps and devices. Then with no additional hardware, wirelessly connect to your favourite devices.” 


A lot of people have seen Jimmy Page doing his bow solo on guitar and we thought “Wow, this is so cool” this device that was invented 40 years ago, can be attached to your guitar or bass and give you the same effect.

5. Guitar Wedgie

How many picks have you lost since you started? How many times did you go on stage, chilling with friends, a house party or even by yourself and not finding your pick switch your mood for resuming? Since I got this Wedgie 2 years ago, and my life changed to the better! Attach the wedgie to your headstock and from now on don’t worry about where your pick went, because it will be simply on your pick holder that is attached to your guitar. My only advice is that don’t put a pick on your wedgie when you are gonna put your guitar in the case, cause the pick may fall in your case and you’ll keep searching for it!


6. Tronical Tune

This attached tuner to your headstock could be very useful on stage indeed. You can literally tune your guitar from standard tuning to Drop D within few seconds. Although, I do not recommend it for beginners as they need to get used to the tone of each string separately but it’s very good for guitar players in general.

7. Fretlocks

Also known as single-string capos; they are very useful to lock some frets and play freely on the others, we all want that someday, right?

8. Spider Capo

Since we are talking about capos, this spider on your guitar does the same job like the mentioned Fretlock above, but not on different frets positions, you attach it to a specific fret but you don’t need to lock them all. Watch the video to understand more!

9. Pivot-All

Plug it to your guitar and do not worry about it to get twisted or something. Simply, this plug rotates from left to right (180 degree) freely, which means it won’t break or the jack/cable will get twisted.

10. Pitch key

Let’s get back to tuning! But it’s not really tuning, this attachment fits in seconds and even during playing you can change from Standard to alternate (Drop D) tuning in no time. The only thing that I dislike about this tool is its price, as it’s £19.99 in UK and $33 in the States!

11. Roadie Tuner

Another tuning device which will make the process easier: Just download their application on your mobile, put the mobile in front of your guitar and put the Roadie tuner on your machine key, and it will do the rest. Wanna know more, check video below!

Finally, and before we end this list there are some inventions that I really didn’t understand what’s the point of creating it, like; Guitar Boy, Guitar Made of Legos and Two Sided Bass.

Do you know any other cool or useless inventions that aren’t in this list? Share it with us.

Leading image: Nora Kamal

Written: Mena Ezzat
Edited by: NJ Bakr


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