As I demonstrated last year about some guitar inventions, which started to invade the market as they are very helpful tools for guitar players, I preferred to add new stuff that I have recently seen. Hope you find what you like and could be helpful for you as well.
VOX Starstream Type 1

A newly released electric guitar by VOX Amplification LTD. that provides a wide range of sounds including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths and other stringed instruments. Check its amazing sound and features below.

Virtual Jeff

In the past few weeks, there was a trend all over the internet about the new invention; Virtual Jeff. As described on their website; “Virtual Jeff is the next- generation successor to the traditional whammy – it eliminates all mechanical hassles.” The device also assures that it won’t affect your acoustic and electric guitar tuning, “As a result, you can use it on electrics and acoustics… without affecting the guitar or tuning.”


It’s a two string pickup that can be retrofitted to most of acoustic or electric guitars. Pete Roe – the inventor – describe many uses and instructions given on the project website. Frankly, it’s a very nice tool but pretty expensive!


It’s an automatic tool that was created by Zhenxiang (John) Zhang which is simply designed to fit any six-string guitar, whether its headstock is 3+3 or 6-in-line. Zhang had a modest Kickstarter goal of just $10,000. Unfortunately, he received just $1,795 toward it before the campaign ended.

To check project on Kickstarter check here.

The Hammer Jammer

As explained on their website; “The Hammer Jammer allows guitar players (and keyboard players with guitar abilities) to develop incredible speed and unique patterns, and provides new percussive sounds for the guitar.”

The device is available on PayPal for $70 which I think is a fine price indeed.


It’s a very nice tool for psychedelic music players who needs a flute-like sound while playing their guitar. Wond creator Paul Vo – the inventor of the technology behind the Moog Guitar and Moog Lap Steel – launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the device and is now selling it on his website.

A Little Thunder

Okay, how about I tell you that you can hear both of bass guitar and electric guitar at the same time? Andy Alt’s A Little Thunder pickup lets you add a bass signal to the two lowest strings on your electric guitar, giving you the ability to play guitar and bass parts simultaneously on one instrument.

Guitar Triller

Your striking tool in three different ways to make the sound trilling! Guitar Triller recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in which 1,162 backers pledged $34,664 to help bring the project to life.

Frankly, these aren’t the only recent inventions; there are some cool inventions but isn’t really my type, however, they could be your favorites. So take a look at Jamstik, Artiphon, Uberchord, Bitar, Ministar, The iTar and The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt.

Edited by: NJ Bakr