While I press play to listen to the track “Rebel”, the latest release from English artist “Daniel Steer” I don’t know what I’m next, Steer’s last release before the pandemic was his eponymous solo album. But let’s get out of this because it’s activism and creativity that I’ve found moving in the body of the new Steer track.

From the very first seconds of the under 3-minute track he brings out the whole creative side, Steer seems to be a master of his tools, giving us a strong dose of INDIE ROCK blended with pop-soul and a country sound with a lot of challenge and rebellion through the words of pop songwriter Pam Sheyne’s song ” Genie in a Bottle”.

“Rebel”‘s strong rhythms are announced by drum beats and bass creating a balanced beat while the guitar says its tone and completes the musical sentence, all making for a great entry for Steer’s vocals that seem quiet at first but powerful in his lyrics. The flow continues until you feel that the track is taking you to a stable area and starting again, and the singing rises, and with it, the music emphasizes the purpose of the track.

The track feels like you’re living it with its country dance feel, and life experience that may speak to you at some point, Daniel Steer’s career as an accomplished songwriter is well established and that you find here at “Rebel”.

A good and rebellious comeback leads Daniel Steer back to listeners, I liked this track and I’m sure you’ll like it too and add it to your playlist.