Fusion? I like it

…Unique fusion? I love it!

If I were to say 2 words to describe today’s article…i’d say “unique fusion”.

“Realize” is the personification of blurring the lines between genres…it has flavors from all over the place, but mashes them together in the most artistic and entertaining ways.

“Realize” comes from the rapidly-emerging producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Herb Barclay…Herb hails from Munich, Germany…Germany is one of the granddaddys of electronic and synth music…it always surprises the world when it comes to exotic and exquisite synth based music…

When it comes to mashing up, or fusing together different genres, it is not always all roses…but this time, we can see the fusion doing its thing elegantly.

Let’s not forget that Herb collaborates with an international crew of vocalists and rappers that bring their own magic to his awesome songs!

“Realize” features vocals from KF9ineteen.

…so why don’t we get into the details and into the meat of things…let’s go check out “Realize” right now!

The song is an awesome fusion between rock, hiphop and rap…so, it’s not easy, but Herb managed to melt everything together in a very energetic way that is sure to boost your energy levels…and maybe even boost your day.

So, the song starts out with a quick rock build up to get you in the mood quickly!

The main rock guitar riff is super catchy and has an awesome effect on the whole experience.

“Realize” then takes you right into the hiphop-rap area of the song, the verse, and also introduces some electronic elements…

From there, it goes back to the guitar riff, then keeps trading with the vocal verses…everything happens quickly, but that is the energy of the song, the song is designed to keep you jumping and grooving all the time…and it achieves that for sure!

Let’s not forget…this rock, hop-hop, rap fusion song has an electric guitar solo…as if it needed more energy and epicness…awesome stuff.

It feels a lot shorter than it really is, because the energy takes you all over the place and then you feel like…”hey, is it finished already? Let me repeat that!

I also have to mention that the whole song has that energetic feeling of…you know when you are watching a movie and then the main characters are starting to get ready for the epic finale?

That’s exactly the kind of song that would go perfectly in this situation…or maybe even for the actual epic finale! 

I love it when I hear a song and it immediately makes me visualize an actual movie scene!

“Realize” does exactly that.

The song is pure energy. That’s it.

We wish Herb all the best in the world with his music journey, he is definitely making the world a dancier place to live at!


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