Matt DeAngelis, an indie musician based in New Jersey recently released his newest single “Real Future”, in collaboration with his producer Billy Kennedy. Though described as an indie artist, DeAngelis is nothing but, playing around with different ideas and genres! 

At first listen, I loved the futuristic sound, though it’s a paradox where it sounds both futuristic and like something from the past! I love his use of both acoustic instruments and electronic music, a perfect mix of past and present AND future. I absolutely love DeAngelis’ vocals, they remind me of Billy Joel’s. I also absolutely love the futuristic cover art, very fitting for the song! This is something that would be played in a movie about the near future. 

All in all, it’s no wonder DeAngelis has more than 2000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone and even more streams! I absolutely loved the entire concept, the mixing of past and future, and the fitting cover art. Chapeau DeAngelis.