where Maddox talks about the positivity and development that He wants him in his life, and he’s talking psychologically, he doesn’t want this fleeting fun in alcohol, routine life, and
How did love turn his life 180 degrees as it has a new hope in life but it is permanent and not transient.
Maddox freely expresses his life and He wasn’t in it before in terms of lying about the actions he did, and he’s ready to be a better person now and repeat it many times.
Because he always remembers the first time he met his love and he never wants this love to end because it gives him hope in life and says what you want Maddox says cheerfully mixed with love that he put his heart in a cup of coffee as an expression that he woke up from liquor and that he only wanted Other than the love that Maddox is now.
And how can a person be optimistic in life by leaving old habits and discovering himself in other things in life
Maddox explained this at the beginning of the song when he talked about New Year’s Eve and a reminder of the past days, and how that turned out in his New Year when he discovered love and how he changed it.
he’s an English artist with many musical works with bands.A different music, and also it is.He’s a writer and composer, but after a long time working with music groups
Maddox decided to do solo acts starting at 2020
And it was a surprise that Maddox reached the #4 ranking on iTunes as a singer and songwriter and will soon surprise us with the next album ‘Believe It’ released April 8th 2022


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Karim Ibrahem


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