Berlin-based duo Bromsen just released an indie synth rock track titled “Read About It”…and from just the description of the genre, we’re in for a musical treat.

Founded in 2021, Bromsen has been the brainchild of Richard and Karlo Bromsen and their love of melodies…and this translates directly with their songs, “Ready About It” is the fourth single they release and it is evident that Bromsen have their musical fingerprint loud and clear.

The retro-sounding sounds are there…the catchy melodies are definitely there…the vocal performance that will stick to your brain is abundant…

Bromsen released “Read About It” through Epictronic and was inspired by their lives as artists doing what they love and what they’re passionate about…doing music and songs.

The song has been played on international radio stations all over the world in North America, UK, France and Brazil…and the nature of “Read About It” is very accessible, wherever you are, the song has a very friendly and approachable direction to it…it’s a very pleasant and light experience that will stick with you for quite some time.

This is one of the most easily digestible and approachable song experiences in some time…and this is why it is a recommended listen for sure.

We wish all the best to Bromsen, we can’t wait to hear what they have next for the world.