It is the type of musical piece that if played at 3:00 AM will instantly stir nostalgic memories and emotions through its soothing but mysterious melancholic tempo.

However, the lyrics slow down the whole experience. The title of the world ‘Reach’ and the main word of the song is unfortunately repeated. Meanwhile, the verses are as well repeated over and over, to the point that it stretches out the song making it feel way longer than it is.

This song compared to Temperature Falls’ previous work says that this is a nice transition and will leave song its fans looking forward to their next work.

Overall the beautiful complexity of the whole song, barely reflects when paying attention to each individual facet of the song: lyrics are almost nonexistent but the vocals are beautiful; the instrumentation is soft, steady and mellow, though the dynamics could use some crescendo. A final rating would be 3.5/5. 


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Mercedes Thomas

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