Jim Louvau

Phoenix’s rocking trio Jane N’ The Jungle are back with their new heavy powerful single “Raw As A Jewel” via Cleopatra Records. Taking their musicianship and writing to the next level, Jane N’ The Jungle are destined to go really far with this. Let me tell you more about it.

“Raw As A Jewel” opens with a warming up inviting melody, before the heavy main riff kicks in. Jane N’ The Jungle chose a heavily melodic approach on this one, aided by powerful vocal melodies, fluid catchy riffs, and insanely enjoyable drumming. The swinging between the verse’s grungy filled-with-anticipation sound, and the chorus’ catchy big sound crafted the song’s dynamic flow, keeping things interesting and highly energetic. The structure’s accumulating, unstoppable progression with loads of fluid melodies getting heavier and bigger stole my attention throughout the song’s 3:40 minutes, and the way they managed keeping up with those heavy melodies without falling into creating something sketchy or overly done shows lots of skill and maturity by Jane N’ The Jungle.

“Raw As A Jewel” is incredibly enjoyable, and extremely energetic with a touch of darkness that even gives it more depth and texture. The relentless catchy melodies and how they were arranged in that catchy unskippable structure shows Jane N’ The Jungle’s clear talent and seasoned progressing writing skills that shine brighter with every new release. I’m always looking forward to more from Jane N’ The Jungle, keep on rocking guys, cheers!