Ravenous Feast is an amazingly talented Hard Rock/Metal band from Venezuela. The band has a wide range of influences such as Alice in Chains, Disturbed, Sound Garden, Black Sabbath, Dio and Queen so you will find all this influences reflected in their music. The band released their first official video, which we will cover here.

First let’s discuss the overview of the track:
When you listen to their music you feel that it is familiar to your ears, the riffs, the vocals, the performance. Even some elements in the Music Video because most of the rock bands as Skillet, Hinder, Sick Puppies, Nickelback, Disturbed and others use this mixture and it attracts a lot of new coming bands. Ravenous Feast uses this mixture perfectly and the track solo was perfect. The vocals were incredible and I loved the performance of Sean De Boer in the track and how he expressed the lyrics with the melody and the harmony of the music. The lyrics of the track talks about the transformation of Vanzeuela into a police state as the band’s stated. The band also added that the tracks are protest tracks.

And now moving on into the video:
The video scenes are divided into: The band’s scenes and the actor’s scenes. The band stood in complicated nature, as far as I can tell it was forest.

Forest means in general bleak and amuse place you where you can’t distinguish your road as you could differentiate between right or wrong in real life. It also means thick rains block your road perturb your vision as the common talk around us in the real world.

The acting scenes: The music video starts with a nanny saying bedtime stories to a little girl. More into the video the nanny sleeps and the girl takes at as a chance to wander around. The girl is crushed with the unknown, which was represented as The Old Ugly man who gave hope for the girl then drowned her in the blackness (A hole) then the nanny saved the girl. I think the nanny plays double role in the video, the present and the future. The video highly matched the real life and the concept of the track. I give the video 8 of 10 because I found a lot of complications to be clearly understood.

Edited by: NJ Bakr