Ratchet (Karel Laureijs) is a 19-year-old Indie musician hailing from the Netherlands. Despite still being in school, he makes music on a daily basis. He’s set to release his new single “Fixed Heart” on the 17th of June. 

Before even listening to the song, what drew me in was the cover art; it’s spooky but creative! Just like the single itself, the cover art perfectly embodies the vibe of the song. The whole song could be categorized as gothic, with dark guitars and dark themes within the lyrics. The song reminds me of early Siouxsie and the Banshees. The guitar at the beginning and towards the end was thick and harmonious, much like most goth music is. The vocals of Laureijs really compliment the song, and the song is mixed pretty well where you can still hear the vocals over the dark tune.

All in all, I now see why Laureijs has garnered more than 1500+ listeners on Spotify alone. With this much talent at the age of 19, who knows what he will do in the upcoming 5, 10 years! The creativity of the kids of this generation never fails to amaze me.

Edited by: Viola Karmy