Canadian duo Partners in Crime, formed by Colin Whiteford and Doug Pegg, take us on a time warp with their new single “Randy Girls.” This track is a full-on immersion into the world of vintage classic rock, channeling the spirit of The Beatles with a distinctly 80s twist.

“Randy Girls” is a sonic summer vacation. From the opening notes, it’s clear Whiteford and Pegg are masters of creating atmosphere. Soulful vocals with a touch of swagger lead the way, perfectly complemented by groovy riffs and a rhythm section that makes you want to hit the dance floor.

The song’s storytelling is light and carefree, mirroring the carefree spirit of summer. Every element contributes to the soaring guitar lines, the uplifting drumbeat, the lighthearted wind instrument, and the playful lyrics that paint a picture of carefree nights and exciting encounters.

To enhance the sonic experience of “Randy Girls,” the song benefits from the expertise of a highly skilled production team. Doug McClement, a talented sound engineer from Toronto, meticulously mixed the track, resulting in a pristine and vibrant soundscape that flawlessly captures the band’s energy. The final touch of mastering was expertly applied by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, bringing a polished and professional quality to the song, and making it ready for radio airplay.

Partners in Crime’s chemistry is undeniable. “Randy Girls” is a nostalgic delight with a polished soundscape that feels both timeless and fresh. Get ready for a dose of pure 80s rock energy!