With catchy sound and streaming fluid writing, Brothers in Vain are dropping their single Ran Away From Hell on the 12th of May 2023. Started under the name Åssit back in 2018 by the three classmates Petter Vikström on vocals, Viktor Öberg on guitar, and Sebastian Nordaneldh on drums before adding bassist Joel Fredriksson to their ranks, they released their debut EP Nightflyers. The guys changed their name to Brothers in Vain in 2022, and on May 12th they’re gonna drop Ran Away From Hell. Let me tell you more about it. 

Brothers in Vain‘s open sound and bright melodies helped them create a fresh, entertaining sound on Ran Away From Hell. It starts with mellow uplifting vibes led by guitars and an inviting vocal melody, before the introduction of bass and drum lines opens the door to a smooth progression, wisely building up to an upbeat energetic chorus. Brothers in Vain mashed up some alternative, pop-punk, and even classic rock sounds and elements into their writing and playing, resulting in an engaging structure and flow that’s appealing to early 2000s and modern music fans.

Ran Away From Hell is an excellent introduction to Brothers in Vain‘s world. It clearly shows their clever writing as they managed to give each part the proper time to be heard and create the anticipation needed for the next shift, all pushing towards a bigger sound and a grand finale. Keep on rocking Brothers in Vain, looking forward to more. Cheers!