Photo Credit: by Rebekah Velazquez (@rebekahv_photograph)

Raleigh band Pretty Crimes call themselves “genre fluid” when it comes to their style, and their upcoming album, Every Moment All at Once seems to agree with that statement. With a base of blues rock, main songwriters Dan Irving and Em Edgerton have explored almost every format of indie music one can think of since the band’s inception.

Burning through everything from Belle and Sebastian-style indie folk to dream pop-esque electronica to all manner of 90s alt rock, Every Moment All at Once deliberately pulls at a string of connection between all these styles to make a larger point.

‘Every Moment All at Once’ is about the threads of connection people have with each other, and how all of these threads come together to form the sum of one’s identity. We wanted to explore how, through the relationships in our lives, we discover different facets of ourselves; some that we love, and some that are hard to grapple with that we wish to change.

The threads of connection also wind their way through the album, which  releases in full on February 2 after two teaser EP were posted on the band’s Spotify. Similar to a Blind Melon moment, if a listener was expecting all the songs on Every Moment All at Once to sound similar, the teaser EPs put that notion to rest quickly and efficiently. Toggling between Zevon-style indie pop with opening track “Every Moment,” or “Plans” and the more stylized, Polyphonic Spree-meets-grunge style of “New Years” or “Knowing Silence” before the electronic, Switched on Bach-like interlude of “If You Are There” takes the album on a decidedly more indie rock folk path, this album connects all the dots before its end, both musically and emotively.

Intrinsically entertaining and fun on top of being deep, evocative and high-concept, “Every Moment All at Once” as a little something for every musical taste, and that might be its biggest accomplishment in terms of connection: connecting the artists with their fans and connecting music fans with different tastes with each other. This triumph of a sophomore album should create even more connections once it releases on February 2nd.

The band has rolled out a 4 song album preview EP entitled “Plans” as of January 12th as we await the full release.

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