An innovative music video Raise Your Head by Nikolitsa and the Comrades which is fronted by Nikolitsa Boutieros, in a post-apocalyptic world, revives hope through her music, inspiring life and people to emerge from ruins in the “Raise Your Head” video.Let’s discover.

blankNikolitsa Boutieros from New York City leads Nikolitsa and the Comrades, known for unique photography featuring industry icons like Nick Cave and Patti Smith. Her work stands out for its vivid and dramatic compositions. Through this same passion for photography, she composes and writes her music with a marvellous blend of styles including grunge, alternative, and punk to deliver an extraordinary output.

Her powerful and emotive vocals have been acclaimed by many critics, along with the tight chemistry of her music. In fact, I see it really differently from any other punk/grunge act these days. Something very unique about Nikolitsa and the Comrades‘ music is so melodic, harmonic and tight at the same time. During record production, Nikolitsa and Brett Hestla formed a group named the Comrades and performed in New York with like-minded musicians. As she stated, “My main focus is to capture the truest essence of my material with honesty, integrity and heart.”

Nikolitsa and the Comrades demonstrate exceptional talent that sets them apart from other modern punk/grunge bands. In my view, Nikolitsa has the potential to become one of the most influential artists in the near future. Cheers to that!

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