With the acoustic guitar as the main character, Jesse takes you on a roadtrip to his heart with the beautiful language of music.

But there is much more to it. His work sucessfully covers a wide varietty of styles and instruments in one album. Every song tells a different story, not just because of the lyrics, but because of the combination of instruments.

It can be first noticed in the song that names the album, ‘Radio’s Head’ where different instruments like guitars and a violin intercalate their sounds in a very balanced manner.

Other songs, like ‘The Harbour’, also uses folk sounds and instruments as it backbone, giving a sea-life, piratey feel.

Songs like ‘Pennsylvania’, ‘Emery Street’, lean more towards a ‘rock n roll’ style.

The Alt-Country profile shows up in songs like ‘Honey Martin’ and ‘No Guarantee’. Then there is ‘Life Of The Party’, that acts as a plot twist with its surprisingly, completely different composition to the rest of the songs, being kind of an Indie-Rock piece, depending on tech sounds and more relaxed vocals.

It is an album to keep surprising the listener, especially for the very well composed instrumentation. Besides the standard electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums, there are also keys, violins and harmonicas.

Musicians taking part in Radio’s Head album are Internationally acclaimed U.K. slide guitarist Jack Broadbent, New York trombone star Raymond James Mason

(Uptown Funk), legendary Montreal harmonica player Jim Zeller and bassist Morgan Moore of The Barr Brothers are on deck.

The lyrics also speak on behalf of Stone’s talent, as you listen through the songs, you can tell he puts thought and experience into each line to make each song an original piece. 

Even more, Jesse’s voice feels like the only right vocal meant to accompany the music, with the right balance of brassiness and smooth tones.

Looking forward to more!


For more, you can find Jesse Stone’s music on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube; and on social on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook.

Jesse Stone, a songwriter from Montreal, Canada, self-describes himself as a country, folk-rock artist who pulls from all ranges of the American music landscape.


Mercedes Thomas