Vera Milena Photography

The Lowtones, based in Norwich, UK, will release a cutting-edge, cold yet moving alternative rock tune that will sear its way into your soul called ‘ Radio’, on the 16th of January. We’d like to think that the band had many sound elements of the dark wave and gothic rock derivatives, influenced by artists like The cure. The band formed in 2020 and is made up of Oliver Mavillio for vocals, Jack Abott for guitar, And George Abott for drums. One of the notable public achievements of the band is that they flew to New York to play a live performance in 2022 at Chelsea Music hall. The Lowtones had a knack for talking about modern issues of life and love, piercing away the coats of plastic wrapped around our hearts in fear of exposure and vulnerability. 

The song is really all about the inner self-critic and accepting this voice so it could pass on into something that can be used as a way to push oneself forward. The lyrics and the music go so well together, making a perfect mix of struggle and a sound of emptiness that echoes in the beat as you travel through these tough emotions of hardship. The overall sound of the song is dark, chilling and in many ways haunting because of the subject and how the music is represented for us. It feels like you’re dying but in a beautiful way. Escape is nowhere to be found here except by just going through it and taking in the beauty of surrendering to the harsh voices of the self and letting go. The musical arrangement is rich, with a lot of textured electric guitar, prominent drums and cymbals, and hard bass lines. The song is fast-paced and intoxicating with feelings of hollowness. The vocals are monotone but somehow manage to make a huge impact on the listener because of the passionate way of pain expression. If you’re a fan of the dark wave movement hit the play button on this song.