UKs Radio Aftermath Unleashes ‘Fetid’: A Captivating Musical Journey of Liberation and Empowerment with SODEH Records.

Introducing “Fetid” by Radio Aftermath, a compelling and cathartic musical masterpiece from the Leeds-based alternative rock band.

With an unwavering commitment to raw honesty and vulnerability, “Fetid” delves into personal experiences and the universal struggle of breaking free from toxicity. The lyrics vividly portray the immense emotional burden carried by individuals.

Radio Aftermath’s distinctive sound takes center stage in “Fetid,” seamlessly blending elements of alternative rock and grunge while incorporating haunting melodies that give voice to unspoken turmoil. The band’s exceptional instrumentation sets a dynamic backdrop, featuring driving guitar riffs, pulsating drums, and a mesmerizing bassline that intensify the song’s emotional impact.

The production of “Fetid” is a testament to the expertise of Tom Wallwork, a close friend of the band and member of the Leeds-based group When They Riot. Tom skillfully captures the raw energy and emotional depth of Radio Aftermath, crafting a sonic landscape that immerses listeners on a journey mirroring the tumultuous emotions of letting go.

This single not only showcases Radio Aftermath‘s artistic growth but also exemplifies their ability to create authentic and passionate music. Serving as the lead single from their upcoming second EP and marking their first release since signing with SODEH Records, “Fetid” represents a pivotal moment for the band.

Get ready to be moved and empowered as Radio Aftermath unveils “Fetid” to the world. Join us in the aftermath as this captivating piece resonates with its authenticity and passion.


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