Zenta Sato is not a typical encounter; he’s a very sensitive and emotional musician from Asagaya, a small town in Tokyo who runs Asagayans Records and Bokenasu Records simultaneously. Zenta’s work is unique in character, and he once wrote the music for the Japanese film “but only love”. He recently released ‘R U Happy?’ as a single where he plays all the instruments except for the vocal line by Misaco [Misaco + others]. Zenta didn’t get the chance to meet with Misaco while he was creating the song due to the pandemic restrictions and lockdown, so the vocalist ended up recording the line on the phone and sent it through email to Zenta where he started adding the layers and instrumental lines to it. The rest of the song was recorded and produced at the artist’s private studio. It starts with some sweet guitar tunes which last throughout the song, the bass line is catchy and interesting, and the vocal line has a distinguishing style. The song is about all the emotional frustration is going through because of the devastating circumstances and traumatic events happening around the world each day; from war and hunger to families suffering and losing their homes. Zenta’s kindness and sensitivity made it all too unbearable for him and he felt life expressing himself and his deep emotional frustration and empathy through music. Then he directs a question that leaves you reflecting and evaluating; are you happy in this world?

He’s wondering with a few questions in mind, are you happy with what’s going on around you? How can the people end up happier? How can we help? What can we do about it??