Cesar Serrano

Announcing her presence in the music scene, singer/songwriter vnxa drops her first single R.I.P. in collaboration with producer Gut Nose on the 13th of January, 2023, unleashing her dark rocking vibes. Let me tell you more about it

vnxa’s R.I.P. is a scream against modern greed and lack of justice. This has been reflected even in its duration, it’s short and straight to the point as we hear the phrase Déjame descansar en paz,” being repeated in the chorus, which according to the artist, a metaphor for the ancestors asking to be “left in peace” from all of the destruction and injustice been laid on the land they were buried within. vnxa’s tribal sound made R.I.P. sound like a prayer or an angry ritual which cleverly reflects the song’s concept, while her choice of effects and their layering was exceptionally on point showing the darkness and grimness we’ve let the world come to.

R.I.P. gives us a glimpse or maybe a demo of what to expect of vnxa’s debut, and I believe we’re upon some creative writing that defies the ordinary, paving its own path. The production is outstanding with some raw sounds that served the track’s purpose and helped deliver the mood and sound I think she was aiming for—totally recommended! I’ll be looking forward to the record’s release. Cheers!