As you can see the artwork itself, is actually what really we can call ART! I love it when the album cover art expresses the music’s message perfectly. Dismal was formed back in 1995 and did a great success with Pagan Moon Records through their debut album “Fiaba Lacrimevole – like a red bleeding rose in a glacial desert”, and later they went into a long term deal with Aural Music Group which now they are celebrating the release of their fifth album. As described on their website, “The band claims to have combined all their previous works, keeping their signature Gothic and theatrical sound constant. The lyrics are developed on cultural, philosophical, and alchemical themes.”

Remember when I mentioned above that Italian metal has a huge place in my heart? Well, Italian rock/metal artists – especially symphonic/gothic metallers – do a unique blend between the East and the West. Since geographically they are center aligned same as Egypt, they got used to getting influenced by the surrounding cultures. And you know, Rossana Landi, Bradac (Italiano Stefano), Daniele Porfido, and Lautaro Acosta achieved more than this really, as I believe they did THEIR ONETIME LIFE EPIC RECORD! It will be very hard to find any negative points within this release, the arrangement is actually what gonna impress you here along with the song structure and composition. I loved it when each track gives each instrument its time and impression perfectly, like when heavy guitar strokes show up, or the symphonic lines which definitely had a great impact on this album. Rossana Landi is the best metal singer that Rock Era received in 2021. Her voice and tone abilities are incredible indeed that I didn’t see anywhere else. To sum up, ‘Quinta Essentia’ is the best symphonic gothic album that I have received in my entire life. Feel the beauty below… 

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Mena Ezzat


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