Jesse Grossi is not new to the indie-pop scene. He produced many catchy, funky, melodic pop-rock songs that are as cool as they are inventive such as “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Moments of Fire”. With a vocal range that closely resembles Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier and a guitar which has a great melody and interesting arrangement. “Queen of Spades” has a simple premise, falling in love with that particular person drives crazy and dazzles with their charm. A celebration of love, desire, and every shade of feeling in between, Jesse’s vocals turn what could have been a very dark track into a tongue-in-cheek, date night kinda song. Lyrics are evocative yet simple, drawing what could have been a Hollywood Donnie Dark for dating. The lack of figures of speech enhances the laid-back, upbeat vibe that Jesse has been trying to convey throughout the track.
California dreamin’ much with Jesse’s newest single? “Queen of Spades” can easily top the Springbreak songs’ charts with its hip rhythm and catchy guitar. Jesse Grossi again proved himself a master of puppets holding all the cards and laying them down one after the other on the green table. Whatever may come next has him prepared for his big break, which he has already solidified scoring with every great track after the other.


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Jaylan Salah