Blow Jockey is a gothic metal project by the multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Fair. “Queen Cobra” is Blow Jockey’s very 1st single, if you’re into groovy and dark tunes then this is for you and I’m gonna tell you why right now.

“Queen Cobra” starts with a really cool groovy riff that takes you straight to the verse, the deep vocals of the verse suit the mood perfectly and will keep you grooving and headbanging slowly. Those stops between verses made me want to hear more and the vocal melody plays a major role in giving the song some dynamics. From my humble point of view, adding a breakdown or maybe a little solo somewhere at the last minute of the song would’ve benefited the dynamics of the track but, that’s Blow Jockey’s creative decision for sure.
Overall “Queen Cobra” has a nice groove and a dark mood that I really dig and those deep vocals again are a perfect choice for the melody. Looking forward for what Blow Jockey has in store.

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