Chris Mason returns from his gorgeous Christmas single with a brand new song that sees him pushing all kinds of boundaries in his composition, arranging, and production. Push Back is anthemic and memorable. 

Push Back is the title for Chris Mason’s latest single cut. The Midlands-based singer and songwriter has a sound that’s punchy, organically acoustic, warm, and earthy, and these sounds are explored on the latest single, and further amplified with adventurous mixing details and space age atmospherics, and the result is a rocking tune that makes a statement and leaves a distinct aftertaste. 

Push Back veers off of One Last Christmas’s sound, which was sweet and simplistic, in favor of a bolder one, full of synths, gated delays over Mason’s energetic vocal delivery, and a modal composition that sounds victorious and invigorating. A rocking drum beat acts as a spine for the song, and the meaty bass guitar sound sits confidently at the core of the rhythm section’s punchy sound. The synth arpeggio that repeats is memorable and is a defining element of this cut’s adventurous sound.

This single has seen Chris Mason spend time rediscovering new ways to express himself and his feelings, and it seems that Chris has emerged from this cocoon state full of positivity and of fresh, exciting musical ideas. Push Back is the first, and it will hopefully not be the last.