When I read the “About” section on their Facebook page, – and being the hardcore punk rock fan myself – I really didn’t get the idea behind “Elegant Punk”. As you all might know, punk is all about anarchy, revolution, mess and complete chaos, so how could any of this be elegant?

But then after going through their music I got the feeling that they are like the “Vee” (from the movie V for vendetta) of music, remember how elegant he was and full of class during the whole thing? Setting the world on fire but remaining classy nonetheless. That’s what King Dean are, the “Vee” of music… The elegant punksters.


The song ‘Dance for me’ is a fun song. Lyrically, it’s basically meaningless but it’s a nice song to dance to, the vocalist Daniel Plančić does a great job with the vocal performance. It’s one of those songs you just can’t listen to just once, the tune is great and it’s very fitting to Plančić’s vocal range. There’s also a small bass solo, which I found very enjoyable. The track is medium-length, its pace of isn’t that fast for a punk dance song but it’s cool. They don’t wanna lose their elegance.


Written by: Ahmed Hafez
Edited by: Ahmed S. Khalil

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