Alternative rock band Love Ghost reminds us very much of all the sounds we’ve heard of this type. Listen to them in their latest version of “Pulp” and you’ll be instantly transported directly into their world.

The new single is a personal and life experience for each of us. It is inspired by the novel of the same name by Charles Bukowski, which talks about the relationship of an addict with God and can be considered, as Finnegan Bell says, “This is my confession.”

She delves into the visceral, emotionally expressive voice of Finnegan Bell and Daniel Gallardo in the depths of self and her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, depression, and loneliness. And how this addict struggles to find peace and establish it within himself.

“Pulp” is a hard rock anthem that showcases the band’s singing talents on many levels. The soundscape is darkly drawn by guitar tones and narration driven by a mixture of layers of frustrating low-record vocals and high, tense shouts to underscore the track’s meaning.

As always, I was impressed by Love Ghost’s skill in delivering honest lyrics, performed through a variety of arrangements that maintain the distinct personality of the band. So, you can consider Love Ghost to be one of the best young bands telling the stories happening in our lives right now, using music as a therapeutic tool to relieve depression, anxiety, and everything in between. So, listen to them and wait for everything new for them.