Cheeky, humorous, ominous, and deep, William Hamilton Tylander III’s ‘Pull Out’ is an equally infectious and explicit offering about the importance of… well… pulling out.

William Hamilton Tylander III is not a person. It is in fact the name of a 4-piece band that comes from the Danish capital Copenhagen, and their frontman just happens to be called Will Tylander.  WHT III for short, the band is a continuation of a long lineage of scruffy, edgy, and exquisitely fuzzy bands that hail from Scandinavia. Offering an alternate take on Sweden’s Viagra Boys -their catchy riffs, off-kilter vocals, and touchy lyrics, WHT III’s ‘Pull Out’ offers a very pulling riff, and a vocal duality between almost softspoken, spoken word passages about the unfortunate incident in question, and aggressive hollers that drive home the gravity of said situation, supported by the group “PULL OUT” screams.

Embracing dark humor to a fault, ‘Pull Out’ is an extremely engaging listen that’s almost dramatic in nature. The riff is toxic and the tragedy in the words is unquestionable, but it is all delivered in a particularly catchy way that makes the whole package just very yummy. The wonderful production is also well handled, with the heavily fuzzed out and aggressive mix being just properly toned down so as to be bearable. ‘Pull Out’ is just an all-around infectious piece of alternative rock.