Haris Cizmic, a master of creativity and emotions, released a breathtaking new hard rock and metal song that is absolutely amazing sonically and visually called ‘Psychopomp’ on the 27th of December. You will melt away in feelings, darkness and softness with this new banger. Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cizmic is an industrious graphic designer for almost 20 years plus who is passionate about making art and blesses us with dark and magical rock music that will blast your ears off. He is an award winning artist with numerous recognitions for his musical art. 

Between decaying roses, burning leaves of the fall and soft ashes of a million burnt out cigarettes, this song is the perfect catch for people who like to sink into atmospheric and moody vibes and love to have the intensity of metal music on their plate. Psychopomp is a dark, surrealistic fantasy, a story of turbulent and abundant emotions. The overall sound of the song will make you plunge into the deepest secrets in your soul. The musical arrangement is spectacular, with a soundscape of very melancholic hard rock and intense, electrifying metal vibes that are unmistakably mystifying. There is a very spooky violin with the end of each segment of the verses, as you listen to a very slow paced and harmonic beat. The drums are in sync with the darkness of the song, with a slow and hazy feel. There is a very violent and beautiful electric guitar that hits you out of nowhere, seriously knocking you out of this world and kick starts the heavy metal part of this sonical rock collage. There is an undertone of seductivess with every transition from intense to non intense. The vocals are haunting and lowkey, with backing female orchestra voices. A notable sound is bones breaking which definitely gives the song a terrifying finish. It’s a must for this song to be on your most recent playlist.

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