A nice meal of industrial/punkish rock n’ roll that I enjoyed in the morning by the Las Vegas – based band, Psyatics. Famous Monsters is a 14-track album that has songs that are a mixture between speed and slow. How? Let’s find out.

Actually, I felt that I am living in 1969! Which is a year full of rock n’ roll and the birth of punk and metal. The album is like a mood that you listen to, based on the state of mind you are in. However, I felt most of the songs are similar as for the drumming, guitars and raw vocals, but I see a great output from a trio band as it’s very tight.

‘Famous Monsters’, ‘Lay Low’, ‘Shake Them Bones’ and ‘You Killed Me First’ as much as they are pretty cool songs to listen to, they feel the same to me, but as I mentioned earlier I like the tight spirit of rock n’ roll. I felt the diversity in songs like ‘The Last Time I saw Julia’ and ‘Burnt Offering’, and ‘Pet Names’. I usually enjoy the catchy riffs melodic songs, and ‘I Like To Die’ was a great example of that. A nice easy catchy riff to listen to, which forces you not to keep listening to what’s next and I like solos when they are short and to the point, nice one guys really.

Oh, what a swingy intro. I am in love with ‘The Cost of Love In Today’s Market’. It’s just a great song, as I see all elements are perfect; vocals, guitars and the amazing swinging beats.

Well, ‘I am Slack’, ‘Missing Piece’, and ‘I can’t Stand it’ frankly aren’t my cup of tea, but as the same time I wasn’t annoyed listening to them. But hey, for ‘Voices in My Head’, wow, what a great execution! I enjoyed the Sax character that has been added as well as the voices in the background, as it’s nice deliverance to the idea of the song itself. In “Secret” I found the phasing/wah guitar sound intriguing as it’s a smart move to make a nice catchy riff and to the point, but this is really shown within their whole album.

As a final comment, I see a 14 track album is courageous move from the band as many prefer to make it 8 or 10 tracks maximum. Personally, I didn’t find it disturbing, but let’s face it, people nowadays prefer watching rather than listening, so I’d recommend in upcoming releases to be less than 14. Anyhow, this is a matter of personal preference as it’s different from someone to another. Great job guys!

Finally, even though I am not a huge fan of punk/rock n’ roll but I really enjoyed listening to these guys, and I’d rate it 8 out of 10.

Edited by: NJ Bakr