New Jersey-based pop fusion artist Your Best Nightmare is at it once again with an anthemic musical and lyrical odyssey “Promising Young Woman”…a song that tackles the topic of being one’s true and authentic self and society’s expectations of women…an impactful piece of art that is not to be missed.

American artist Your Best Nightmare recorded the song and had her esteemed friend and colleague Shannon McArthur to produce it, collaborating together to create something that sounds and feels unique and fresh.

“Promising Young Woman” is a 3-minute song that starts with a blast and keeps up the energy till the last second…

Utilizing a fresh fusion of instruments together, her main iconic ukulele, mixed with a rockin’ drum beat, a powerful bass line, and some acoustic elements that add to the rich layers of “Promising Young Woman”…all while Your Best Nightmare lays vocal layers and soaring melodies.

The song definitely generated buzz with its poignant lyrical mastery and unique musical take…both of which hit bullseye in their respective realms…” Promising Young Woman” is a powerful and anthemic song that deserves to be heard.

We wish all the best to the amazing artist, Your Best Nightmare A.K.A. Erin Porter and we can’t wait to hear more of her upcoming work.