Metal Night! On Thursday, two of the finest Egyptian metal bands performed together at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria. The night went on smoothly as everything was very well organized and both the audience and security were so cooperative. Both bands were celebrating the success of their first albums: Ascension” by Medic, and “Fairytale” by Riverwood.

Alexandria based Riverwood opened the night with their masterpiece “Fairytale.” They performed 5 tracks from it but also introduced 2 new singles to the audience for the first time. While performing “Poisoned Love,” the crowd went crazy and interacted highly with the tunes of the song. While watching the band perform, I really noticed their great harmony and understanding between the members. Riverwood‘s vocalist, Mahmoud Nader, displayed great singing abilities with impressive vocals. There were also some amazing oriental and orchestral riffs. Every track was played beautifully.

Next came Medic, a progressive metal band from Cairo, this was the first show ever for Medic in Alexandria. Medic’s popularity increased in the Middle East after releasing their album “Ascension” last year. Medic‘s shows are always exceptional and enjoyable. They can translate their journey through temporal and spatial boundaries well on stage. The show was full of energy and colors; especially their interaction with colorful lights and headbanging in unison. I personally preferred Ehab Khaled’s clean vocals over the growling. Ahmed Khalil’s, Medic‘s guitarist, performance was quite energetic and unique and went really well with Karim Wassim’s performance on the keyboard.

To sum up, the evening was totally great and lovely. Thank you, Medic and Riverwood for your great work!

Reviewed by: Gihane Koraytem

Written by: Gihane Koraytem & Rana Atef

Edited by: Shereen G.