London-based rockers Suzitoy hits again with their 4th single “Pro League” that’ll be out 15th of July, 2022. With surprising diverse influences ranging from psychedelic, progressive, and heavy metal to EDM, film score, and American west coast rap, Suzitoy created their own unique headbanging mix that we’ll be digging deep into today.

Suzitoy had me from the distorted bass intro of “Pro League” and how it laid the foundations of the heaviness that’s coming next. “Pro League” is an intense headbanger with heavy energetic riffs, powerful expressive vocals, and shredding solos. It has a solid structure with well-written dynamics, not just the typical f*** you fast-playing song. It starts heavily and keeps on pushing forward especially with its singalong chorus until the sound shifts dramatically around the 1:40 mins mark, it starts building up with loads of anticipation until a drum break unleashes some pure rocking guitars that take us to the outro.

“Pro League” is a well-written rock song with solid dynamics and structure that all somehow fit in 2:30 minutes. It shows a lot of character and songwriting skills by Suzitoy as they seem to be invested in their sound and how to tweak it to reach the maximum heaviness and musicianship at the same time with a vision of how to properly use their influences. I’ll be keeping an eye on SuziTop, and if you’re in London, you can catch their show on August 13, 2022, at St. Moritz Club, I think this is going to be a hell of a neck-breaking night. Cheers!