Two brothers came together to make a rocking song of the year that will hype and bring you to the cloud with the blasting music of their new release, we got the chance to listen to “Mother Culture” where they created some awesome songs in their previous years, however, they got us this year with “Princess Die” which was released on the 12th of August, 2022.

The song is so magnetic, and the rhythmic guitar playing and the lush vocals in this one are unique that will catch your attention real fast. The song lyrics are also on point with the music. Thomas Keyte is one who helped mix this song and they together mastered this song perfectly, with an exciting vibe to the music.

This band has achieved a rocking and amusing track for the year, this won’t fail the audience as it’s the utmost favorable track for the summer, This song will send you on a day trip with adventures.

The alternative rock pop brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward are the perfect duo together as they produce together in their home studio, they mentioned that the song “Princess Die” is about a question “what if all these women in famous songs didn’t want to be in these songs in the first place? What if the things sung about them never came true? It kind of takes away a person’s autonomy when you write them into a song like that and it left me wondering how they might really feel about it.” and also, added that the story about princess Diana touched them and saw how it was a heartbreak story of her not wanting to be famous.

This song “Princess Die” has a deep meaning to it that will get you wondering about it too. But the song is yet a big blast for alternative indie pop fans that will be induced in the love that this piece has been made with.