About 20 years ago; I started to dig deeper in other music scenes other than the international US/UK invasion. So I started to dig more in Europe, of course, my favorites include Germany, Italy, Scandinavian lands, but also, I remember the Hungarian rock music scene very well. Today, let me introduce to you ‘Honest Kid’ by Dirty Slippers, in which I believe they will be very soon of the most influential iconic rock acts. Let’s find out! 

I still remember bands like Metro, Republic, Yesterdays, Solaris, among many others. Here in Rock Era we are kind of very keen and selective about presenting premieres, but when I received ‘Honest kid’ by Dirty Slippers, I didn’t think about it twice. In fact, this isn’t just a new song by a rock band, it’s more like a masterpiece to me! 

I believe that many would relate to the song; “The song is about a guy approaching his middle age reflecting on his years old guy, who reflected on his childhood. A time when everything was so easy and the world was a quiet place without Covid and War.” – the band described. In fact, a lot of people in their 30s like me or even older, would relate between our childhood and how we discovered everything and changing from listening music on cassette tapes on Walkmans, to CDs, to iPod, and later on MP3s on our computers. 


My profession let me listen to over 200 new song per week, I am truly amazed by the output of ‘Honest Kid’ is so tight. Imagine that we’re back in the golden rock days when everything was neat and unique. The elements of the song are truly perfect. The catchy smoothy guitar lines along with emotive vocals give me goosebumps from the first riff. 

Actually, most of the time I am not into rock trios because usually I feel there’s a missing element while listening the music, unless we are talking about iconic acts like The Police, Motörhead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, but this is the real beauty of Dirty Slippers; Lazar Lobo-Szaloky on vocals and guitars, Bebi Ferenczi on drums, and George Shilling on cello were capable these three to create a great musical picture that I haven’t listened to in years. 

In such a digitalized era, new bands aren’t keen about production that much, so you can find there’s something wrong withe listening although they have a great talent, but this isn’t the case here, I loved how Dirty Slippers are keen about everything, by choosing sound engineer like Neil Dawes at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, and George Shilling for mixing, mastering and production process. 

While checking their bio, I was amazed again when I found it’s their first single in English, impressive indeed! As the band announced; ‘Honest Kid’ is a first single of the band’s forthcoming album which they will record at the Abbey Road Studios this year and will release in the UK and in Europe too.

Now, it’s time feel the beauty, harmony, and wash your ears from daily rubbish music we listen to lately. Watch and feel the charm below