Definitely, the guitar-line will be the first thing to stick out to your ears! I believe, the main factor of getting the tune presented on a glamours output is the impressive smooth vintage guitar tone especially the crunchy rhythmic riffs over sexy lead classic rock/bluesy-feel licks.  And the vibes are getting higher and more exciting when vocals kick in, in my opinion, it’s the best guitar/vocals rock duet that I have heard this year so far. Both of them are creating a breathtaking unforgettable combination indeed, especially that there are perfectly well-played drums. Frankly, I don’t find any negative or weak points here, and I would like to salute the engineer or mixed and mastered this! He was capable to deliver the band’s original sound perfectly. Now, it’s the time to feel the beauty on their Spotify below, ah! Don’t miss the solo! Enjoy! 😉

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Mena Ezzat


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