I believe one of the main reasons to like their music is the original vintage ska punky tone. Frankly, I am really amazed at how they blended it perfectly throughout a hard rock atmosphere. When you check ‘The Crucible’ you will easily find the tightness between band members. Yeah! It’s so tight that you cannot even think it’s a single track by a modern act! The band is highly influenced by classic rock and grunge acts but at the same time, you can find different inspirations such as psychedelic, rap, and reggae! And I believe this is the beauty of their music. DIVERSITY! Although, I loved the whole song I would love to say that my favourite part starts at 2:00 a very slow stunning burning bridge! Actually, it’s one of the best song-bridges that I have heard in 2021 so far! “The lifestyle we live often puts us in situations of severe trial. In this Crucible the spirits of the lost collide and create something new. But with every creation is equal and opposite destruction. RIP to all our fallen friends. Nevertheless we enter.” – the band explained. Finally, the music video isdefinitely a hit too. Take a look at it through their YouTube Channel here

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Mena Ezzat