Katie Iacobellis

Headstart into a world of emotive tunes decorated in lace and foggy mountains with Viridian’s new song ‘Preface”, an art rock piece of heaven released on the 18th of November from Vancouver, Canada.  This alternative indie band is a duo made up of Michael Spirito and Danielle Davie. Both kickstarting this musical project at only 17 years old, their sound is pretty much mesmerizing and hugely emotive. They’ve been growing up together and making music on the way and they have decided to come into the light with their pieces which are striking feeling and thought. They’re inspired by Radiohead, Frank Ocean and Bon Iver and have a debut album called ‘how to survive in the woods’, which this song is part of.

Moody, dreamy and delicate, this song is a soft finger brush against the fallen hair on your face. The song talks about growing up in your youth to face the harsh world packed with dangerous animals. The song is like a guide towards safety. It’s amazing how the vocals and the music flow magically, making you feel at peace yet turbulent with emotion. This song gives an intense coming-of-age dialogue. The overall sound of the song is dark in a mystical and soft way. It is the right amount of dark and light in a rock song. The musical arrangement consists of different transitions of sound that matches the overall mood. We have melancholic, acoustic guitar, soft violin sound effects that keep rising in intensity, and some lightly used bursts of cymbals. Slow and sexy, the rhythm is as hypnotizing as Danielle’s vocals. She has a deeply angelic and yearning voice that disconnects from the real world and into her world of struggle and fight. The song just reflects how much of sensitive souls these two are. We expect big things from this band as they work themselves up the rock scene in Canada and hopefully internationally one day!