Ominous, bluesy, and ballsy, Adrian Sutherland’s latest offering sends adrenaline pumping through the veins. ‘Precious’ is a bold, powerful cut with a living, beating heart.

Based in the harsh wilderness of Attawapiskat First Nation, and steeped in its beauty, it does not surprise that singer and songwriter Adrian Sutherland’s music ends up steeped in those exact qualities. For his latest Blues cut, borrowing from the modern blues style of artists like Rag & Bone Man, and with bombastic rock tendencies made massively popular by global stars Imagine Dragons, you can only begin to imagine how emboldening ‘Precious’ is.

A simple song in its heart of hearts, ‘Precious’ is based on a charismatic and brooding descending riff, and a momentous group holler, backing Sutherland’s confident and capable delivery. The scratchy overdriven rhythm guitar part sounds satisfying, and the pounding, monolithic beat is solid and grounds the rest of the elements. What could go wrong?

By using a couple of familiar tropes and adding a little personal twist, Adrian Sutherland manages with ‘precious’ to create something totally unique and a sound that would be easily identified. A standout voice, a stellar production, and an infectious vibe, all create a song that will get you hyped enough to get things absolutely done.