Yeah! He isn’t nowadays young talents who focus on their image more than their music structure! Although, ‘Prayerful Gratitude‘ music video combines primitive video editings techniques, still, I believe it was capable to deliver Steven’s idea pretty much. Our traveller and philosopher here remind me of when Pink Floyd and the Beatles travelled to Asia for inspiration, and came with such masterpieces, the same you gonna find here, after his journey to Tibet “I journeyed to Asia and visited Milerepa’s cave some time ago. He was a Tibetan monk who, like King David, spent a lot of time in reflection. This track was a day of opening up my soul in meditation on how blessed I am despite some of life’s trials and tribulations. It has an electric baritone mandolin as the main melodic instrument and an acoustic mandolin offering sparse harmonics. I played all the percussion as well though my skill in that area is questionable— but it worked. I constructed the video over a 4 or 5 hour period— lots of trial and error.” – Clarkson explained. The vintage guitar tone that he is really impressive, in fact, such tone was capable to take back in time like 4 decades ago at least! Actually, I am amazed by the usage of Asian folk elements as well that has been used for the song mix. Not ‘Prayerful Gratitude’ only but all of When Mountains Speak music provides a phenomenal psychedelic atmosphere that can not be missed. 

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Mena Ezzat


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