Lexis Lane Photography

Multi-instrumentalist Darrian Gerard mixes her 2000s alternative rock influences with modern rock elements creating a sound that’s her very own on her upcoming single “Powerless”, out on the 25th of November. Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Gerard, “Powerless” shouts out the story of “a homeless girl who has no voice or place to go” as described by Darrian Gerard. Let me tell you more about it.

Darrian Gerard announced her captivating presence with heavy synths and a pounding beat right at the opening of “Powerless”. Her expressive, filled-with-emotions vocals hit with a powerful delivery matching the music’s solid progression. “Powerless” takes steady steps as it smoothly moves forward into a bigger sound, nailing an amazing dynamic ramp progression as it introduces some cool escalating guitar work alongside its heavily heart-hitting sound. Gerard simply wrote the perfect melodies right at the perfect timing, giving “Powerless” an uplifting sound while flexing her brilliant songwriting skills.

“Powerless” sounds like a loud and clear musical statement by Darrian Gerard. Her clever way of taking her time with every move of the song made every second of it extremely enjoyable, with an organic structure that keeps on moving forward with no hesitation. I’m definitely looking forward to more from Darrian Gerrard, cheers!

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