His ‘Hot Shot’ was the main reason to fond of his music when I reviewed his music before. So I believe it was a smart move because he chose it as the first track of his ‘Power On’ EP. Dent clarified that his music was inspired by his daily life, emotions, and situations, and I really can feel this indeed. As I feel that each guitar riff as well as the used tones along with the melodies and harmonies are telling me stories not just some notes that have been perfectly played. The EP include five tracks and each one is like giving you a different picture or a perspective of life “Each track (like my previous releases) has been inspired by real-life emotions and situations, however, I feel the guitar playing has evolved a lot and the production quality is much better as well.” – Brady Dent explained. In my opinion, the best tracks over here are ‘Hot Shot,’ and ‘Separate Ways,’ and according to Dent, the last one is considered as his favourite too “My personal favourite track from the EP is the third song ‘Separate Ways'” – Dent clarified. Well, the ’80s and ’90s spirit are pretty obvious within his compositions, and this is what actually makes his music so beautiful and live! To sum up, Brady Dent is an up-and-coming multi-talented artist that his art cannot be missed. Feel the beauty below!

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Mena Ezzat


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