Myke Toman

The latest single from Texas-based folk artist Mark Winters is entitled Positive People and it’s full of positive vibes indeed. The special thing about this single for me was how emotionally authentic it felt. I didn’t feel like the positivity was rubbed in my face or forced at any moment, on the contrary, it felt like Mark was speaking to the parts of me that needed motivation and reassurance. From the very ambient choice of tone in both vocals and guitars, the major scale and very colourful lyrics to the very slow rhythm it will most definitely dry your tears. I loved how every lyric line is joined to the next one with a slightly different usage of the same word – a deceptively simple way to write lyrics if you ask me. The lengthy guitar solo is also a great and aesthetically pleasing aspect of the song. This piece really shares love and positivity you would wish it never ends. A must-listen-to kind of piece. If you’re feeling hopeless and down after a very long period of not-so-happy events, listening to this song will definitely make your day feel better.

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