Most things have two sides, one of which is smooth and the other rough to maintain equilibrium. I always felt the soft side predominating when I listened to French musicians, even the iconic Édith Piaf, maybe because of the poetic language. Mary KilS, on the other hand, managed to deliver airy sentiments with a fiery sound that makes a French tune, like her single “Porte Sept,” an appealing, kicking rock.

If you, like me, enjoy a track with hard instrumentation yet clear, melodic vocals, then you’ll definitely be fond of the Paris-based artist’s music. Mary KilS knows her way around combining the best of two worlds. She has a subtle blend of Pop and Alt-Rock, nostalgic flair and contemporary rendering, and tenderness and solidity. You can deduce this balance and sense her musicianship when you listen to her song, “Porte Sept.”

An upbeat intro opens the single with straightforward drumming and a thick bassline. Once Mary KilS’s graceful vocals enter, you’ll be a little confused about whether to vividly vibe in with the atmospheric sonic luxury or get affectional by the passionate, ethereal vocal performance, but soon enough, you’ll melt in the paradox and for the first time, feel like day and night are seamlessly bonded.

“Porte Sept” means “Door Seven,” and you don’t have to know French to get its lyrics; you just have to feel what it’s soulfully conveying. The sensual vocals carry a melancholic, bittersweet tone that portrays a hopeless romantic ambiance. Nevertheless, the bold melody with such a characteristic guitar indicates a cold-hearted letting-go process. The all-over production sounds like a stinging love that hurts but urges to be felt.

I feel like I’ve unlocked an unexpected, stellar spectrum of the French music scene! After listening, you’ll probably be thirsty for more, so I’m glad to tell you that this song is part of the five-track EP “One.” So, sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing journey.