Eva Caliendo

We say summer, and our mind automatically goes to the beach and the pool parties, etc. But how can I bring the fresh, summery vibes into my normal, boring days? Book NOT Brooke has got the answer to that in her latest song, “Popsicle.”

Book NOT Brooke is the Indie-Alt brainchild of the Nashville, Tennessee-based singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Brooke Vespoli. “Popsicle” is the first original track of the year for Book NOT Brooke, which followed the cover of Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Let Me Roll It.”

There’s an edgy vibe that you won’t miss, even in a cheerful song like “Popsicle,” which made me take a spin on the other releases and see the diversity in Vespoli’s music. She has a psychedelic, dark ambiance that resembles Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish, yet she manages to step out of it in “Popsicle” and show her optimistic, shiny side in her own way, with her own sound.

The synthesizer, along with the upbeat vocals, gives a peaceful, merry feel. Then guitars and drums join in to spice things up even more, giving the popsicle effect. Brooke Vespoli and engineer Jake Bibb’s production certainly delivers the excitement and positivity in the lyrics with a lively Rock/Pop sound.

What the answer that Book NOT Brooke has in this particular single? It’s the small little things, just like a popsicle, these things can refresh your hot day, give you some joy, and you can give it to others too. And somehow, the answer is the song itself! Its colorful, vibrant atmosphere will lighten up your day.