I didn’t think someday I’d watch a band who is covering for my favorite band of all time Led Zeppelin for one of their remarkable shows with the Egyptian Orchestra which conducted by the Egyptian artist Hossam Ramzy back in the 90’s. In the Light of Led Zeppelin is a tribute project that came passionately for this moment releasing “Pompeii Sessions”.

In the Light of Led Zeppelin main inspiration was Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in the 90’s. And this is what it’s found in the recorded live concert Pompeii Sessions which were based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The idea of the album as I consider a remake of Plant & Page’s No Quarter concert back in 1994 which featured a Moroccan string band and Hossam Ramzy and his Egyptian Orchestra. The main idea of “No Quarter” was a merge between rock and roll and Middle Eastern music, and that what basically In the Light of Led Zeppelin did.

Frankly, I see that the band were copying Led Zeppelin more than tributing them, and that makes me wonder why such fine and professional musicians like these just covering a whole concert as it is without adding their own style. Especially that I don’t see that the tribute process didn’t go perfectly – or this is how I see it.

As a Middle Eastern musician; let me clarify that the oriental influences you added in the music aren’t similar to the original concert, they are kind of losing the taste Moroccan/Egyptian.

Aside from all of this; I cannot deny that I like their Kashmir tribute so much, well-played indeed. Also, I enjoyed listening to “The Rain Song”, “Battle of Evermore” and “Ramble On.”

Finally, it was pretty confusing for me while listening to In the Light of Led Zeppelin as the songs of the original band are already in my head. And that could makes it more harder for the band by time. Anyhow, I would like to mention that ITLOL are very professional and fine musicians that I hope to see more variety in their upcoming releases soon, and for sure they are going to be added to my music library from now on. In my opinion I’d rate Pompeii Sessions 7 out of 10.