The first song “King Thing” starts with a Led Zeppelin-inspired drumming and a bass that sounds like a force of nature. “Get Into Them Part I” and “Get Into Them Part II” are two sides of the same coin, both inciting, both, unlike anything anybody has ever heard. It’s similar to Green Day’s post-George Bush heavily politicized era but with more musical experimentation and artistic freedom. While “Get Into Them Part I” is what one would expect of a political song, “Get Into Them Part II” was the delightful surprise of the whole EP. With a sweet melody and an upbeat pop-rock, bubblegum sound as a backdrop to lyrics that send chills to the bones.
Politic proves that 9 o’clock Nasty is not your average garage rock band with a political vengeance. What they miss in their theme they make up for in experimentation. The music is fresh, the sound is unlike any other and with a song like “Get Into Them Part II” on the playlist, this band is destined for bigger wonders not too far ahead.

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Jaylan Salah