Angelo Pitone

I love the mix of the piano playing with the guitar riffs that come after; it always blows you off. Introducing to you a new song, “Poison Heart” by “Of Shadows And Lights,” released on the 12th of May, 2022.

From Bari, Italy comes an incredible solo artist and producer, Angelo Pitone, who made his latest and most awesome masterpiece that is worth adding to your favorites. At first you’ll be taken by the lovely mellow piano playing, but then by the meaningful lyrics that are told as if they’re a story. His words are full of touching feelings and depict the concept that what you give isn’t necessarily what makes you whole. You still give love to the child who you want to secure from the cruelty of the world. However, it was shown in the wrong way that snatched away their childhood. You can hear the lyrical value of those words in his music.

Angelo mentioned in one of his interviews that he started playing and got fond of music since he was young, which shows how peaceful the playing of this song came out to be. I listened to the rest of his music, which shows a really deep emotional voice and playing with his instruments.

There is also an instrumental version of “Poison Heart” to listen to, which has a beautiful mellow sound in the intro, and then comes the rocking guitar playing hits that are melodious and mixed in the middle with rich tones.

His lyrics are always deep and profound to the point where you imagine the scene and every word that he sings out. It’s extraordinary how he finds the right words with the absolute creativity of his music.

With that said, “Poison Heart” is incredibly solid. It’s produced and performed with utter confidence. With those expectations, it’ll have no problem finding a steady spot on my playlist.