After a preif guitar-playing intro,  Johannes Harder begins singing, “Poison me, poison you, poison me …it’s the only state I want to be in when I am awake.” And then, you should know that you are on the verge of a singing project that contains life experience and even a personality of a heavy caliber.

Harder in his latest single, “Poison in e major,” tells us what addiction can do to us. We are, by nature, consumers, and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard someone say that all humans are addicted to, or rather dependent on, some kind of substance. What is your poison? Harder’s addiction is not only to drugs but to everything, and his relationship to drugs is not in its usual form but is a source of all creativity.

Half of a Rainbow, by German artist Johannes Harder, is based on the art of Pop and Alternative Rock music. His new track sticks to the fast rhythm and explosive beats, the piano notes, and the distinctive vocal performance, making it sound like a classic approaching the sixties and seventies.

Half of a Rainbow brings a very human element to his music, and I loved his music in this style because it’s an amazing piece of work. I hope you like it too.