With funky beats and flowing melodies, singer/songwriter Davia Schendel tells the tale of a femme fatale named “Poison” and a confident heartbreaker named “Antidote” in her latest single Poison/Antidote. Released on the 26th of May 2023, Poison/Antidote shows Schendel‘s musicianship as she performs all instruments alongside a brilliant saxophone offering by Phillip Greenlief. Let me tell you more about it. 

Davia Schendel takes an interesting approach in Poison/Antidote, kicking off with a mellow chill pace, Schendel takes us on a groovy playful structure with interesting dynamics and an enjoyable catchy flow. Mixing diverse influences with Davia Schendel‘s unique style, Poison/Antidote has an irresistible creative arrangement that’s full of surprises, you get groovy moving bass lines in total harmony with fluid, perfectly timed and layered saxophone adding a hooking layer to the song’s mix, all topped by an amazing vocal melody with perfect delivery that keeps the listeners onboard and focused throughout the whole song, shooting Poison/Antidote straight to their “On Repeat” playlist. 

Poison/Antidote shows Davia Schendel‘s well-knowledge of her sound and direction, she steered its dynamics cleverly towards her desired sound showing high writing skills and pure musicianship while perfectly handling her elements and tools. Looking forward to more from Davia Schendel, keep on rocking. Cheers!