We all love a song that blurs the line between so many genres. Don’t get me wrong when I say that, the latest single from German rockers Vermilion, “Point Of Return”, is a track that takes elements from hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, and alternative rock to give us a whole new brand of sound that’s unique enough to be unclassifiable in one sub-genre or style of rock.

First of all, I have to highlight how well the song is sectioned and arranged into a very clever structure where no section bleeds into or cancels out the other ones. The high-octane guitars, drums, and bass that make up the intro are chuggy and headbang-inducing just like any good metalcore track would be, and the song progresses into the more melodic guitars of the chorus accompanied by clean vocals and a less complex drum beat. 

There is a short bridge that’s mid-tempo before the second chorus begins, and this brings me to the second reason I love this track: the fact that all the sections and transitions work with one another. It’s not in any way a forceful merging of all those genres, but rather a journey to discover their common elements. 

There is an electronic part very similar to the main melody that plays before a second bridge/breakdown that they somehow managed to fit into this less-than-four-minute-long track…and I’m really amazed by the tightness of the arrangement and the way every section serves its purpose. In the end, I was left feeling like I heard multiple variations of the melody, varied vocals, and drum lines, and the relatable and personal lyrics of the song kept me coming back to replay it at least 15 times before I could take a break or listen to something else…yes it’s just that good. Go check out “Point of Return” if you haven’t yet!